4A (Aniser 2013-2017)

Ausflug Innsbruck

In the upcoming school year, a new student from England, Alistair M, will be joining Mr. Aniser’s class in Wörgl. The children in the class have already met Alistair in a video conference, and they were excited to hear that he would be joining them in person. In order to help Alistair get to know his new classmates during the summer break, Mr. Aniser and Gabrielle Amestoy took Alistair and his mother on a trip to Innsbruck. While there, they visited the Alpenzoo and the children were given a tour in English. The children immediately welcomed Alistair into their group and they are all looking forward to starting the new school year together.

The class enjoys speaking English, so Alistair’s transition will be easy. Additionally, there is a native English speaker who teaches in the class, and each child attends an extra English class with Gabrielle Amestoy once a week. Since the first grade, the class has been taught biology bilingually, and in the second grade, physics was also taught in both languages. This offering will continue next school year, allowing Alistair to continue using his mother tongue while also improving his German. All the children benefit from this bilingual education.

Alistair’s mother will also be working as a reading mentor at the school, reading books in English with two children once a week. We are all looking forward to a successful school year with Alistair and the rest of the class.